Anything about our twins - born at 28 weeks and in hospital for their first 11 weeks. Also photos in our gallery.

Updated photos

Since the girls were born in 2008, we've inevitably taken loads & loads more photos (it's true, newborns & small children are the most photographed things on Earth). All this photo-taking meant our hard disc I used for keeping them on got full, and for one reason & another upgrading it was going to be a bigger job than just buying a new one and plugging in. So it got put off.. and for about a year we were only downloading photos off the camera when it was full and putting them on one laptop or another.

Rolling back the stairgates

For about 5 months now we've had a stair gate across the living room doorway, to keep the girls from crawling out into the hall, stairs, kitchen etc,.

On the rare occasion they got out (when we'd left the gate open) they'd head straight for the untidy pile of shoes and start chewing on the laces. Or mess with any of the other junk accumulated in the hall.

Late night Blue-light upgrade - the longest Sunday

During Sunday evening on the ward the staff concluded that Amelia's condition was not improving & she was still struggling with every breath.

The next step was to put her on a ventillator so thankfully the grandparents dropped everything and came down to take care of Bethany so we could both stay with Amelia at the hospital.

It was decided at around 10pm to go down the ventilator route. This also meant that she would have to be moved to an intensive care ward and to another hospital as Ealing doesnt have the facilities to maintain peadiatric patients on ventillators.

Amelia back in hospital

Unfortunately we had to take Amelia into A & E this morning because she had got bad respiratory problems. After a stint in resus she was sent up to the ward.

Illness strikes...

The twins have got a cold. Unsuprisingly, what one gets the other gets a day later. Poor little things.

Amelia seems to have it worse than Bethany but they both have their moments, so we'll delay cleaning the kitchen carpet till they're over it....!

Twins born in different towns?

Sounds pretty unlikely doesn't it?

But according to their new passports, one was born in the town we live, the other was born in the adjacent town. We guess the mix up comes from the way the hospital they were born at is in the adjacent town (just) but the registration district for their birth certificates is our town. And different people at IPS have done the two passports!

The first 5 months

It's almost 5 months now since the twins were born and our lives changed so completely.

Having twins is quite amazing. The interest from other people really a suprised in a world where (the media tells us) no-one is interested in anyone but themselves. As we take the girls out in the buggy, we get stopped by so many people that think they look lovely (we think they do too, but then we're biased).

The twins are here!

The twins were expected at the start of September ... or maybe early in mid/late August.

But they "turned up" even before the end of June ... Little Amelia and Bethany born in the early hours of 24th June 2008 at just 28 weeks.

Being so premature, they were immediately transferred to Chelsea & Westminster's Neonatal Intensive Care Unit where they have now been for almost 2 weeks so far.