Things to sort out in 2008...

In no particular order, a list of things I want to sort out during 2008...

  1. Last few CDs not yet ripped.  I've been routinely archiving my CDs since the late 90's.  I've never lost the archive (touch wood) and always used MP3 and the higher quality sample rates, so most of the earliest MP3 files are still on the server.  Over the years, I've archived almost all of my CDs (currently 3200 tracks) but I know that a few have slipped through the net.  I've despirately avoided being anal enough to pull every CD off the shelf and check it's on the server, but the absence of the missing few on my iPod is starging to annoy me, so it's time to do it.  It's especially 'needed' now that the archive feeds not only 2 iPods and the desktop PC but also the new Roku/Pinnacle Soundbridge.  This is linked with my next "must do":

  2. Sort out the MP3 tag madness.  It was quite simple with few tracks and only using (the excellant) MusicMatch Jukebox and it's 'super tag' features.  But nowadays that great software has been downgraded to the (crap) Yahoo version and the same tags are routinely read by iTunes/iPods, the PCs running a variety of Amarok, Rythmbox, Yahoo/MMJB, (spit)Mediaplayer or Winamp.  Also, many complations just rip as "Various Artists" in the 'Artist' tag with the artist appended (or pre-pended) to song title.  So another (probably day long) task is to go through the library with a single tagging tool and make sure the tags are all appropriate for the devices listed above.  Probably adding genres and year etc,.  The re-sync the iPods (the only devices that use the archive off-line).
  3. Sort out the study.  It looks like the desk and computer(s) have just been dumped in one corner of the room.  In fairness, that's fairly true as it was all put back together pretty quickly after the last week long DIY session ("er, our visitors arrive tomorrow.. do you think we should put the floorboards back down?").  Some more shelves or cupboards are needed.  A bigger desk would be nice.
  4. Get the heating under control.  Get Idratek's cortex running the current one-zone-fits-all heating in preparation for multizoning later in the year.  The top floor (loft room) loses heat from 19C down to 12-13C during an average winter night.  Using an intelligent room stat to maintain a lower-than-normal (but higher than 12C) temperature during the night would be a big improvement.  It would also enable the heating to run through the day when I'm at home working (and also at weekends) without needing to heat the top floor much at all.
  5. Electricity "audit".  More dull stuff !  But we don't really know what uses all the electric we are paying for.  Oh, yeah okay, the cooker, TV, various computers, fridge, freezer etc,...  But which uses the most?  Taking the 80/20 assumption, there's probably one or two things using most of the power.  Maybe they can be reduced, maybe not, but at the moment we're ignorant to what the devices are and whether they can be reduced.  To do this I'll be getting one of these from maplin.
  6. Get rid of those trees.... The big evergreen trees at the end of the garden have to go.
  7. Kitchen refurb.  This is a long list in itself, encompassing new kitchen, new system boiler, new CU, new circuits for the kitchen & conservatory and upgrades (probably) to replace all the spur wiring in the rest of the house.  Gonna be months of mess but at least have the floors up / ceilings down gives me a chance to shove a load of cat5 in....
  8. Upgrade the server.  It's running Fedora Core 3 !!  'apt' stopped working for this distro/install long ago.  Unfortunately the via mini-itx processor is one of the original C3's which lacks the "CMOV" in it's instruction set and most more-recent linux distros expect to use CMOV.  i.e., upgrading this mobo would need a lot of manual work and probably recompilation of much of the core components (no, I'm not going to install gentoo).  The idea is to try using one of the new 1.2Ghz fanless mini-itx's (which run at a nominal 14W apparently) to run the linux server and WinXP for Cortex - preferrably with linux running on the metal, Cortex in a VM, but the otherway round if needed to ensure Cortex can access the serial port.
  9. Upgrade the workstation.  I've been planning a core2duo upgrade for over a year now, but so far, managed to put off spending the money (or rather spending it on other stuff... house, diy etc,...).  Maybe I'll just wait till quad cores are the norm (for the record, the cheapest C2D Quad is currently £151.99 on ebuyer which is not much more than the near-base-level C2Ds were when I started looking a year ago... Hmm...)
  10. Contribute to Drupal.  I've been using it on-and-off for a few years (more off than on, to be honest), but it's powered my external websites for a couple of years now (though I still haven't learned how to backup the db before upgrading... Grrr).  I'd like to contribute something back.  Seeing as how I've just upgrade from D5.x to D6, I'm missing some of the add-on modules that were available for D5.x so perhaps I could contribute somehow there?
  11. Contribute to Planner.  Another great open-source project, I think it has bags of potential to be the "wireshark" multi-OS project planning tool.  I did some work a couple of years ago getting it to play well with mysql but a hard drive failure (my only one ever, thankfully) lost it and I never got back to it.
  12. Hmm... I'm bound to think of a few more