Thomson TG585 - Non-standard configuration

I've been messing around with my BeBox TG585v7. The Web GUI is really simple - unfortunately too simple to do many of the things the TG585 is capable of. The alternative is command line via telnet (default username = Administrator, password = (blank) ).

The only problem with the command line method is that documentation is not easy to find. There is a comprehensive CLI reference, but it only lists the commands and parameters and isn't always clear what each command does. Digging a little further I've found some more docs & application notes but they are geared (unsurprisingly) towards things related to the DSL features of the device, whereas I want to exploit the features on the built in 4-port ethernet switch, where this device appears to have many features of a managed switch in the footprint (and price) of an unmanaged one.

So these pages detail some of the configurable things I've found in case this is of use to someone else trying to do the same thing...