Running drupal 6.22 on PHP 5.1

Upgrading this site to the latest 6.x release of Drupal seemed to go fine, but I started to get emails warning of cron failures. The specific error being recorded was

Fatal error: Call to undefined function json_decode() in myhostingpath/sites/all/modules/twitter/twitter.lib.php on line 258

Now, although I'd forgotten I'd even got a twitter account or that I'd got a twitter module installed, I assumed that disabling the module in mentioned would just have thrown a similar error for another module. So best to fix the problem.

So in the interests of helping anyone else who's (googled for and) got this problem here's how I've fixed it:

Flock - Any good?

A while back I stumbled upon Flock.  I looked at it and moved along (as you do).  Now for some reason I thought I'd actually try it and see what I thought of it.  I'm not really decided yet.  Is it a separate app or just some clever add-ins for Firefox?! Blogged with the Flock Browser

Domain / Domain name resources

Here's a few useful website for checking, ordering & tracking domain names.

This page is as much to help me remember the useful sites as well as a reference for anyone else looking in. No connection with any of these, no referrals on the click-throughs or any endorsements as to whether they'll be any good for you.

Demon's Internet Tools - http://www.demon.net/toolkit/internettools/

SmugMug integration - there's an API

The other day, I stumbled upon a posting on Digital Grin Smugmug & Drupal?. Digital Grin is SmugMug's forum sister site where there's lots of SmugMug related hints, tips & requests.

The thread was old, originally from 2006, with someone posting that they'd been building some sort of SmugMug integration into Drupal. Unfortunately it seems that it only works on D4.x and certainly not with the current D6.x series - at least not without some hacking - just hacking the .info file gets it to list in Admin/Modules but that's about all.

Photo website moved to gallery.jpdw.org

As a spin off from my web host migration, our photo website, previously at http://jonwilkins.smugmug.com has moved to http://gallery.jpdw.org.

The photos are still hosted by SmugMug.

Get your own SmugMug site and a $5 discount with my referrel code http://www.smugmug.com/?referrer=LpqhIaA6wcPS6.

Useful mortgage overpayment calculator

Useful calculator for showing how much overpaying your mortgage can save:


Excel Workbook for calculating repayments etc http://www.thismuchiknow.co.uk/?p=42

UK TV Listings site/application

website woes & drupal upgrade

Yesterday I found that this site was broken. The homepage would load fine but any attempt to access linked pages or articles gave an "internal server" error. After a bit of poking around & some support emails to the friendly people at ukfsn (Jason) it appeared to be related to drupal's use of mod_rewrite. But why now? I guess the webserver was recently upgraded or tweaked and this revealed that drupal wasn't playing well and imposed some new limits on it.. causing it to break.