Too much to do, too little time. 2013 edition...

Got a Sonos (it's great)... now I need to re-rip all my MP3s at a decent (lossless) quality. I could do all 200+ CDs manually or build a workflow -- so when I want to tweak-the-tags or change-the-bit-rate I dont have to rinse-and-repeat => Add a media asset manager/workflow to my "to do list"

Movies Movies Movies

After several years of not seeing much in the way of new films except on Terestrial TV or on the back on airline seats, I am suddenly catching up on the missed years with a combination of a love film subscription and 6 months promotional Sky Movies.

With viewing options of the TV ( Sky broadcast, LoveFilm DVD & LoveFilm streaming ), iPad ( LoveFilm streaming, SkyGo ) and PC ( SkyGo ) there are Soooo many ways to watch! But not enough time!!!

So little written

I've barely added anything here for so so long.

Too much time work, following the extension progress, spending time with the family & trying to figure out a new micro-venture.

Really should find some more time here....

I want a weekend

Such a long time since I posted *anything* on here. It's currently nearing the end of day 10 of last week. Okay, a bit of weekend working is sort-of expected occasionally and not a real problem, but 20 hours on Saturday & Sunday (forgetting a late night on Friday) is on the excessive side. Just to make it work, a lot of that time was spent sitting in a dusty-building-dust-ridden basement or the more comfortable (but still lacking daylight) corridor of the hotel above the basement.