Ignore Cc...

Get far too much email? So do I... Hundreds on some day. How much do I actually need to read? Probably about 10-20% max. But the trouble is, you dont know if you need to know till you've read it. By when your time is already wasted.

I've been meaning to do this for some while now, but finally I got round to creating an Outlook Rule for this.

So now, any email where I'm on the Cc gets moved to a separate folder ("Cc-Junk") and marked as already read. I almost set it to just delete the email but I thought for the moment I'd just move it and see how it goes.

Getting a refund from Bulldog / Pipex / Tiscalli ... dont hold you breath but do hold onto hope

I was a Bulldog (/Pipex) customer till June 2008 when I bailed out instead of getting the "benefit" of being moved to Pipex Homecall. After leaving their custom, they still billed me a full months billing. Though they promised to pay me the money back, it took in excess of 11 calls to the Pipex "help" desk (contradiction) over a 5 month period before I actually got my money back. Either they are complely stupid, dumb and incapable of organising even finding a brewery (let along the preverbial knees-up) or this was a clear & deliberate corporate policy to provarocate in the hope that people would have enough and not bother claiming their money back. So £20 obtained for services-not-supplied isn't much as a 1-off, but do it to 10000 people and you've got a nice improvement to the bottom line...

My point - don't ever consider using Pipex/Tiscalli unless you want to be ripped off and have a quality of service that would try a saint.

Migration project

After several years with my previous webhost, I decided a while ago to move to a different host.

It seemed like a simple thing to do, but it's a suprisingly complicated task to move just 2 domains and 1 webhosting service from one provider to another.

I wanted to move the website contact as well, and seeing as the whole excercise required builing the new hosting environment it was also a good opportunity to upgrade the hosting software to the latest version/

So quite a bit to do. Not to mention doing my day job and then there's the twins !

A long time with no posting...!

Another long delay since the last post.

Reasons are many but it will remain list this for a few weeks while the site is moved & upgraded.

Boris is the mayor?!

Oh dear. By 500k votes!

Oh well, I guess we'll just have to see.

Is this a good omen? : [Boris' sister] "He's never really failed -- he's had some spectacular catastrophies"

Planes & Trains

I've just arrived in Antwerp for a few days of business at the main office.

Eager to make the most of the day (and originally due to walk straight into a meeting on arrival) I booked for the early journey from London.

Nowadays there are 3 main choices for me:
1) Fly Heathrow (07:00) to Brussels and then a 30-40 minute taxi. Leave home approx 05:30
2) Fly City (07:40) to Antwerp then a 10 minute taxi. Leave home approx 05:00/05:15
3) Eurostar (06:00) to Brussels, get the 09:20 from Brussels to Antwerp then walk 5 minutes. Leave home approx 04:30

Drupal upgrade etc

Drupal 6 was out a few a couple of weeks ago, so I've finally upgraded the site from the release candidate. Seems to be working fine.

Also removed all the blog drivel from the front page. So you really have to look for it .

Friday evening, the weekend beckons (hoorah). This weekend is about removing some old cast-iron pipes we uncovered last weekend. That'll be fun!

Things to sort out in 2008...

In no particular order, a list of things I want to sort out during 2008...

  1. Last few CDs not yet ripped.  I've been routinely archiving my CDs since the late 90's.  I've never lost the archive (touch wood) and always used MP3 and the higher quality sample rates, so most of the earliest MP3 files are still on the server.  Over the years, I've archived almost all of my CDs (currently 3200 tracks) but I know that a few have slipped through the net.  I've despirately avoided being anal enough to pull every CD off the shelf and check it's on the server, but the absence of the missing few on my iPod is starging to annoy me, so it's time to do it.  It's especially 'needed' now that the archive feeds not only 2 iPods and the desktop PC but also the new Roku/Pinnacle Soundbridge.  This is linked with my next "must do":

Test image

Soundbridge .... cooool gadget

Not exactly brand new on the market, infact the Roku device on which this is based (er..oem'd?) is several years old.  However, for under £45 from UK (r)etailers, this unit is a really price for something that till now has cost a lot more. 

Even better,

A quick hi to my 2nd highest "referrer'

Drupal gives a nice log of referrers - web sites that lead to hits on this site. The logs usually show a variety of google & yahoo servers hitting the site - which is good & gets me on the search engines. But I was suprised to see that the 2nd highest referrer was a former colleague of mine, Jamie Glover. Bizarre! Anyway, Hi to Jamie & your nice new website ! /jpdw


This is my personal website.

It's a bit of an eclectic collection - from stuff about our house that we are gradually doing bits of work to, through the veg & fruit growing (or not) in our garden - a tiny little corner of London. To 'smart home' ideas - applying bit of "home automation" to try to improve the basic heating and lighting and hopefully making more efficient use of energy.

And anything else I can think of.

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New site, software & look

After weeks of intention, I've finally deleted the old stuff from this site and installed drupal 5. The pages here will contain various things including ramblings on new open-source finds, stuff that's growing and anything else that seems worth posting. For the moment though, it's just this page. In the meantime, check out the old site at http://www.winskil.co.uk