Garden and Allotment

2014 Planting

I've decided to keep a list of what I've planted & when, so that I can look back later in the year and see what worked & what didn't.

- Garlic - ~30 cloves of Wilko's unknown variety, front corner of the main bed, planted in December 2013
- Onions - mix of red & white overwinter onions, Wilko unknown, planted in January 2014
- Onions - mix of red & white onion sets, Wilko bag (1 of each), planted March-April 2014 (last planted 13/04/14)
- Raspberry - 10 canes of Autumn Bliss, 29/03/14, along the northern edge of the plot

New tomato record

Just processing the last of this year's tomato crop. In total this year, we've had 21.4kg of tomatoes - thats only counting the usable ones, so the 3.4kg of ones that started to rot on the plants during late September might have lifted the figure further if they'd ripened. But still that beats our previous record, from 2008, of just over 20kg ! The figure does include just over a kilo of toms from the allotment so the garden yield is only just over that of 2008.

New raised planter

Two years ago we (with help of many friends) replaced the deck at the back of house. The old one was beginning to rot and even the patches of hardboard or ply over the more rotten bits were starting to break up. So over the weekend a new deck was built (see here The design left a narrow unused strip down one side of the new deck.

Quick notes on pruning our stuff

For my own reference really, some notes on the pruning requirements of the various fruit plants we've got, collected from various sources across the net and summarised here for later this year.


Prune during winter
Cut back any stems that fruited this year, to the ground. Next years fruit will come from this years shoots (so get them lashed to some support)


Planting: Dig in lots of manure
Spread: 4 ft
Prune the blackcurrant back to a couple of buds only

- Tulameen (1x)

2010! First crop of the year!


Our first "crop" (if you can call it that) of Goji berries, picked on 7th January, so our first crop of the year !!!

Traditional Easter weekend - yup, DIY, DIY, DIY !

It's been a traditional easter weekend with wall-to-wall work on the house & garden. Mostly the garden; typical when it's cold & wet too. So far only one visit to B&Q!

The power of many people has yet again been proved with a complete replacement the old decking to the rear (which was rotting) with lovely new in just 6 hours (including stops for bacon butties, coffee, tea, pizza, tea, coffee,....).

Things to sort out in 2008...

In no particular order, a list of things I want to sort out during 2008...

  1. Last few CDs not yet ripped.  I've been routinely archiving my CDs since the late 90's.  I've never lost the archive (touch wood) and always used MP3 and the higher quality sample rates, so most of the earliest MP3 files are still on the server.  Over the years, I've archived almost all of my CDs (currently 3200 tracks) but I know that a few have slipped through the net.  I've despirately avoided being anal enough to pull every CD off the shelf and check it's on the server, but the absence of the missing few on my iPod is starging to annoy me, so it's time to do it.  It's especially 'needed' now that the archive feeds not only 2 iPods and the desktop PC but also the new Roku/Pinnacle Soundbridge.  This is linked with my next "must do":

September Strawberries

The crazy weather looks to be causing the strawberries some confusion... there's usually a couple of funny-shaped strawberries later in the year but this year the entire strawberry pot is re-flowering & fruiting with nice shaped & good sized fruit like is June/July again.... Yummm


First tomatoes of 2007...

The first 1.5Kgs of 2007's tomatoes have been picked and are currently simmering away in a jar ready for keeping for the months ahead...



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