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It is known that the first committee meeting was held in February 1833 but the earliest minutes at the LMA are for 9th July 1835 (see extract shown to the right, courtesy of London Metropolitan Archive, City of London).  Because of the lack of minutes from the earliest meetings, we know nothing about how the committee invited people to become tenants or what work was undertaken to prepare the common and lay out the plots.  We know that the first tenancy agreements were signed on 22 March 1833 and that certainly by 1854 there were 145 plots, each of 20 poles, twice the size of a full-size plot today.  These were located in three sections: 49 on the East side (the current allotment site); 83 on the West (the section developed as housing in the 1980s west of Northfield Avenue); and 13 on the North (presumably approximating to Dean Gardens).  Annual rents were set at five shillings per plot (25 pence today) to be paid in four instalments on quarter days.  This remained the rent for at least 30 years with no increases during this time.


Collecting the rent was a different matter and soon became a concern.  Mr James Hemmings, overseer and committee member, initially undertook the task and his counter-signature appears on many of the earliest tenancy agreements.  As a gentleman, he presumably did this on a voluntary basis, but by 9th July 1835, he announced he was giving up. He proposed that collection of the rents be put in the hands of the master of the workhouse, Mr Gore, putting the onus on the tenants to attend the workhouse to pay their rent.  This became the practice for just over a year, but by November 1836 the committee appointed Joseph Dickinson as rent collector on a salary of £3 per annum.  However, by 1st February 1838, rent arrears had risen to £23 : 18 : 9d, a very large proportion of the £35 total annual rent due.  The committee gave Mr Dickinson notice that they would dispense with his services next Lady Day.