Planes & Trains

I've just arrived in Antwerp for a few days of business at the main office.

Eager to make the most of the day (and originally due to walk straight into a meeting on arrival) I booked for the early journey from London.

Nowadays there are 3 main choices for me:
1) Fly Heathrow (07:00) to Brussels and then a 30-40 minute taxi. Leave home approx 05:30
2) Fly City (07:40) to Antwerp then a 10 minute taxi. Leave home approx 05:00/05:15
3) Eurostar (06:00) to Brussels, get the 09:20 from Brussels to Antwerp then walk 5 minutes. Leave home approx 04:30

It's interesting to see that the departure time from home is within 1 hour for all 3 routes, and all 3 routes give arrival in the office at approximately 10:00 - 10:30. Though the Eurostar is the longest door-to-door, it's the only one of the three where I can actually do anything (work, read, etc), which reduces the inconvenience of the slight extra time.

Anyway, this time was via London City (it was cheapest this time, by a country mile). It's also a nice experience at City - no holiday makers stopping to root out all their liquids -- basically at City, everyone knows what they are doing and as a result security is really easy. Plus they seem to have figured out it's good to have all the lanes open for the morning rush - result that they probably had as many X-ray machines going as LHR T1.

Anyway, it's just interesting that there really isn't anything much to choose between these 3 routes, the door-to-door journey time being about the same.