Traditional Easter weekend - yup, DIY, DIY, DIY !

It's been a traditional easter weekend with wall-to-wall work on the house & garden. Mostly the garden; typical when it's cold & wet too. So far only one visit to B&Q!

The power of many people has yet again been proved with a complete replacement the old decking to the rear (which was rotting) with lovely new in just 6 hours (including stops for bacon butties, coffee, tea, pizza, tea, coffee,....).

The day after the decking was done I pushed on with the other bits of timber to create the raised veg beds. Suprisingly easy but lets see how well they do -- has to be better than the bunch of posts in the same position last year.

Having finally got a Cortex licence, I've also been installing that and setting up a basic two-zone scenario. If only I'd read the install instructions I'd have saved myself lots of time.

As well a few of the early tomatoes, gherkins and cucumber seedlings needed planting on, along with the corgettes that are a few weeks ahead. It's about time the weather got better enough so that they could at least go into the conservtory if not the garden.