Are the sneaky fellows at Yahoo crippling existing MusicMatch installations?

 So, if you read the above, you'll know I've re-downloaded & re-installed the latest MusicMatch Jukebox.  But are Yahoo pushing out malware that cripples  the installations of  troublesome folk that have resisted the "upgrade" to Yahoo Jukebox or worse... like me.. "downgraded" back the  better features of MusicMatch ?

After installing it, it was working great and enabled me to rip a further 35 of my (forgotten about) discs.  In usual MMJB quick quick time.  Ah.. it even pops the CD out again when done...

But today it refused to look up track listings.  First it was an obscure disc, it happens sometimes.  But the same with two R.E.M. discs (Best Of and Automatic for the People) - this had to be wrong!  Suspicious that I was getting no success/failure feedback I ran up wireshark to sniff the network while I tried again.  Nothing.  Not a packet.  No request for the track list.  Nothing.  To be sure, I power cycled the machine and tried again without starting any other music apps beforehand.  Just the same.

Hmm... So how come something that worked yesterday, doesn't work today?

I could think of only 2 things:

   1. Yesterday, after installing MMJB, I was offered an upgrade to some component to help me manage my mobile device.  I clicked Yes. (Fool?).
   2. Today, I tried running Supertagging just to see that it really has been disabled. (It has).

Both of these operations would have required some interaction with Yahoo and in the case of #1 a software download.

To test this, I uninstalled MusicMatch, rebooted, then re-installed.  This time I declined the component upgrade and quickly changed the settings option to disable periodic checking for upgrades (Yahoo only do downgrades anyway  ).

Guess what? Yeah, lookups now work again, just as before, both before and after entering my plus upgrade key.

So the lesson is - disable any software "upgrades" - Yahoo will never build new versions of mmjb anyway, so why take the risk of a forced downgrade or crippling of existing functionality.

Oh.. and those two REM CDs...? Just finished copying, complete with all the song titles.