Long Live MusicMatch Jukebox

Musicmatch JukeboxI've been using MusicMatch Jukebox for years - I think since something like 1998/99.  Anyway, a long time.  It was such a good app that I quickly paid for their "plus" version which even included future upgrades.  Fab.  Happy as can be I kept on upgrading from time to time through till 2007.  But the upgrade to Yahoo Music Jukebox was utter rubbish so I've got rid of it.  Seems I'm not the only one that hated it.


So, Music Match is good and successful, loads of features, responsive customer support and happy customers.  But by then MusicMatch had been bought out by Yahoo and the next "upgrade" was to "Yahoo Music Jukebox".  I took the plunge even though I didn't like the idea of having to have a 'yahoo id' just to keep my "plus" status.  I don't use any of the download services, so after my right to use "plus" has been verified what the heck do they need me to have a username and password for?

The "Evil One" - Yahoo JukeboxInstead of being an upgrade, Yahoo Music Jukebox seemed to have lost some of the great features, like the fab SuperTag function, and overall it just seemed to be a bit slow.  Ho hum I thought.  Till recently.

I've been checking all my albums are MP3'd correctly and discovered that quite a few were not even ripped (including the excellant Massive Attack 100th Window -- how I forgot that one I dont know).  Yahoo just seemed troublesome at ripping - half the time it wouldn't even recognise there was a CD in the drive, no matter how much I coaxed it.  Ripping didn't seem quite as fast at it used to be.  Most annoyingly, it would just refuse to rip any CD that it couldn't find in gracenote/cddb (oh, and unlike MMJB, there's no option to disable cddb lookup; nice :-( ).

So maybe Yahoo Customer Care would help?  Unfortunately their website it not compatable with firefox (as it runs an ActiveX control to gather 'information') but this is only apparent after typing in a full description of the issue.  Even switching to IE seems to fail too.

But the Yahoo Customer Care website did turn useful - this thread shows that a lot of MMJB users are disatisfied (to say the least) with the 'upgrade' to Yahoo.  The best suggestion seems to be to ignore the 'upgrade' and keep using the latest MMJB, providing you still have it - which I don't, unfortunately.

Good ol' MusicMatch Jukebox!A further google located a number of websites with MMJB available for download.  Always a risk as you never know if this is pukka code or just a bit of spyware/trojan etc but so far, so good (with Wireshark helping me keep an eye for any unwelcome network traffic).  It's even accepted my licence key to upgrade it to Plus.

Oh, and the CDs that Yahoo could not retrieve from gracenote/cddb ? MMJB finds them just fine