Soundbridge .... cooool gadget

Not exactly brand new on the market, infact the Roku device on which this is based (er..oem'd?) is several years old.  However, for under £45 from UK (r)etailers, this unit is a really price for something that till now has cost a lot more. 

Even better,

the thing can be remote controlled via a web interface and there's even some jiggery-pokey available through telnet to control what's playing, the playlist and even display stuff on the screen.

That said, the screen is quite wee really so not for people with large rooms or bad eye sight.

Not quite Sonos, but not quite the price tag either.

Now... how do I get the room thermometer to display the room temperature on the screen.....

... and of course it means another set of forums to read to find out how to do all this...