Simple heating control via Idratek Reflexes

After getting Cortex to successfully "run" the temperature control, I wanted to create a fall-back using reflexes. This is for a number of reasons:

1. My only windows PC is currently a power-hungry Athlon XP, so leaving this on 24/7 would be costly/wasteful to run (remember.. I'm trying to use [i]less[/i] energy and perhaps save some money overall)

2. I'm still seeing just how reliable Cortex is (not evidenace to the contrary yet... my PC hardware is more the worry) 3. My initial trial licence for Cortex runs out soon -- and being Christmas, the Mrs seems to think turkey & presents take priority on available finance this month :-)

So I need to replicate the simple control strategy from Cortex to Reflex.

To recap what I'm trying to do (which is at the moment amazingly simple) is enable the whole-house-heating zone valve to maintain the temperature (during "heating hours") to a set level.  I'm still using the timer (what plumbers optimistically call a 'programmer') to control the hours in which heating is allowed.  I'm also relying on the zone valve's output switch to interlock the boiler.  For the moment it's added confidence that the boiler will never be "called to heat" unless the zone valve has opened somewh[img]ere for the water to be pumped to, but in the long term dragging 240VAC across the house essentially as a "signal" may get replaced...

[i]DTS thresholds & other settings[/i]

Being a bit "type A" I turned on all the other possible Reflex options too... The timer's also set to trigger ... that's mentioned a bit later on.

To set up what I needed, I pressed "vector setup", selected "Trigger >= Level" (i.e. when the temperature goes above the set threshold) and then selected the pre-defined packet "Utility DBR Relays - _Relay and LED 1 Off" ("Utility DRB" is the name of the DRB unit whose relays I'm using to by-pass the old analgue stat). And then "Program this Node". Pressing this button gives a satisfying bunch of comms logs in the Communications monitor tab of the main window.

Lots of gobbledy-gook, but Cortex seemed happy so it was time to try it - for which I though a full restart would be best: In the PCIF selecting "packet to network / FA Implicit ID / 91 Broadcast Packet / All zones / All types / No ack required. 4 repeats on error / Module Reset / Hard Equivalent (Transmit)

Image of sending a reset from Cortex

Now all I had to do was keep the DTS going above & below the threshold temperatures to test that the relay was actually firing... Cue alternately ice pack (held close to, not touching, the DTS) or blowing warm air. As by now the DTS was 2 storeys above the DRB this also meant some racing up & down the stairs .. which made up for the chocolate cake that I'd eaten while working on this.

Yum yum