More Idratek... Playing with Reflexes

Whilst "Cortex" seems to be the main 'brain at the centre', one of the slightly different things about the idratek kit seems to be that all the modules are autonomous to a degree... ie they sit on the network and communicate with each other to a certain level.

As at the moment the only Windows machine I have is an old power-hungry & slow machine, I'm not keen to have it running 24/7 while I trial Idratek kit in a couple of rooms... Later on having a low-consumption (ie <20w) mini-itx machine wouldn't be a problem, but for now it's out of time, cost & therefore scope...

So I've spent the evening looking at the "reflex" functions on the modules. These are the autonomous features... so for instance, the temperature module can be set to instruct a change on another module under certain conditions.

Whilst the online help isn't really comprehensive on the use of reflexes, after, to be honest, not very long, I managed to find that there is a timer event on the temperature (DTS) module and configure it to toggle an LED & Relay on the Relay/Button (DRB) module each time the timer rolled over. Okay... so all I've done is created an expensive flashing LED !!!

A little more playing and the relay/LED now are enabled when the temperature drops below a certain point, and disabled above a certain point.

The best part is that, as this is completely autonomous, I can turn the PC off and it still keeps going.

Just for fun I've got one of the buttons on the DRB set to flash the status LED on the DTS so I can test communication back the other way.

Whilst the Cortex help isn't massively comprehensive, the command line tools to build the Reflex packets are pretty good... Although it is just a command line for sending a string of data to the module, the cortex prompts of valid options most of the time help the idea -- though occasionally it's not clear there are more options than those listed.

Sadly time to put this stuff away to begin pulling the house apart (well some of it) to run cat5 cabling between the study and newly-refurbished understairs cupboard (which will soon house the network switch & later the idratek gear).