First steps with Idratek kit

The box arrived from Idratek exactly as promised .. quickly unboxed to find it all very neatly packaged.

The pack included the temperature sensor (DTS) and relay/button (DRB) modules, along with PSU, power bus module & RS232 interface module.

[i](photo showing a mounting board & pattress/backbox already waiting !)[/i]

After punching down a few RJ45 network outlets it seemed strange that the little green connectors are screw-terminal. At first I was thinking "surely there must be a better smaller connector" (ie like use RJ45 or something similar). But the construction of the connector makes it very easy to get the solid core of a cat5 cable in first time each time.

The associated software "Cortex" was quickly downloaded, installed and registered with the 90-day access-all-areas key... Then I just had to connect up the bits.

Following the instructions, I connected just one of the modules first and Cortex "saw" the new module within a few moments, recognising the type and asking for a name/ID for it. As it was the temperature module that I'd connected, within a few moments I was getting a readout of the current temperature ... wow! really easy for a first step.

Connecting up the relay/button module within 20 minutes I had a relay throwing based on the temperature on the sensor....

All I need now is somewhere to house it & some cable to connect it all up....
... and a priority list for all the rooms I want to apply it in...!