Re-starting Planner mySQL access

It's a year since I last did anything towards trying to get Planner to work with mySQL as the database backend in place of PostgreSQL. After getting it to work successfully it was too disheartening to find my source code lost in a drive crash (and without any backup).

A year on, the mySQL access is still not there so I'm trying to re-start - afterall, I did have it reading from & writing to mySQL (though the code was not very tidy) and I can remember (sort of) what I had to change to do it. So this is an opportunity to re-do it and hopefully better.

First things first though.

One thing I wanted to do before but didn't, was to give a way to configure more than one database source, and allow the user to select the source from a pre-configured list. Kind of like the existing Import From Database dialog but with the ability to define several sources.

So a settings or preferences menu option will enable configuration of the database sources using a new dialog:


The dialog includes a Test button to test connectivity before saving the data source details and closing the dialog.

If nothing else, it's giving me a usable dialog from which to hang other test stubs while I get back to the main effort of creating a mySQL schema, writing to it and reading back from it.