SmugMug integration - there's an API

The other day, I stumbled upon a posting on Digital Grin Smugmug & Drupal?. Digital Grin is SmugMug's forum sister site where there's lots of SmugMug related hints, tips & requests.

The thread was old, originally from 2006, with someone posting that they'd been building some sort of SmugMug integration into Drupal. Unfortunately it seems that it only works on D4.x and certainly not with the current D6.x series - at least not without some hacking - just hacking the .info file gets it to list in Admin/Modules but that's about all.

Although the thread is now 2 years old, it's alive again, with interest! Member Anderiv has posted that he started a basic D6.x module to put Smugmug content into a Drupal block.... That should allow it to be put into a Dynamic Display template .... maybe nice rotating images, integrated with SmugMug galleries are nearly here!

Also useful in Anderiv's post was the mention of phpSmug which is a ready built wrapper on the SmugMug API (in php of course). Now... if only I had some spare time...