The first 5 months

It's almost 5 months now since the twins were born and our lives changed so completely.

Having twins is quite amazing. The interest from other people really a suprised in a world where (the media tells us) no-one is interested in anyone but themselves. As we take the girls out in the buggy, we get stopped by so many people that think they look lovely (we think they do too, but then we're biased).

I mentioned the buggy... after a lot of deliberation (and I mean, a lot) we decided on the Out'n'About Nipper 360. Like most twin buggies, it's not available on the high street so we got ours from a local independant retailer.

A few months in, we still think this was the best choice and would highly recommend it to anyone else that is having twins. It's light, highly manouverable and folds about as small as a double could be expected. And did I mention it's light & manouverable?

Back to the girls... so we get stopped regularly and asked if the twins are both girls, are they identical and how are they & how is it with twins.

At the moment they are starting to feed more and sleep longer... often only waking up only once each night (yah!). But already we can see they are each developing their own character -- we thing Bethany will be the quieter one, whilst Amelia probably more noisey. No doubt one day they'll read this in a google cache somewhere.

That's all for now on the twins.