CurrentCost: behaviour modification starts...

The Current Cost unit I ordered earlier in the week arrived today.

Immediately it was out of the box to be set up. Suprised that it actually came with a 20 page user guide I decided to follow the instructions rather than ignoring them till something went wrong. For a change the instructions were clear and useful.

Within 5 minutes I'd clipped the jaw part round the Live wire from the meter to the consumer unit (fusebox) and had a Watt-usage readout on the display unit. It was working so easily I was almost disappointed !

There then followed a few predicatable minutes turning things on and off, checking the Current Cost display each time to see what things used. (Amazingly our Sky box seems to use more power in standby - I can't see it's true, but I've made a mental not to use my plug-in appliance meter to check it out).

Even Mrs jpdw was joining it and getting interested. By the evening, we had figured out which lights in the kitchen provide adequate lighting but lower consumption, and it's clear that already this simply example shows how the Current Cost is a tool for "behaviour modification"!

Now I need to hook up the Current Cost so it can send it's historic data somewhere useful...
... a project for the winter months !