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Ignore Cc...

Get far too much email? So do I... Hundreds on some day. How much do I actually need to read? Probably about 10-20% max. But the trouble is, you dont know if you need to know till you've read it. By when your time is already wasted.

I've been meaning to do this for some while now, but finally I got round to creating an Outlook Rule for this.

So now, any email where I'm on the Cc gets moved to a separate folder ("Cc-Junk") and marked as already read. I almost set it to just delete the email but I thought for the moment I'd just move it and see how it goes.

Further switch to Cortex heating management

After running the top floor heating fully controlled by Cortex for about a week , I've now switched over our first floor so that only the ground floor is left under old-fashioned timer control.

The first 5 months

It's almost 5 months now since the twins were born and our lives changed so completely.

Having twins is quite amazing. The interest from other people really a suprised in a world where (the media tells us) no-one is interested in anyone but themselves. As we take the girls out in the buggy, we get stopped by so many people that think they look lovely (we think they do too, but then we're biased).

CurrentCost: behaviour modification starts...

The Current Cost unit I ordered earlier in the week arrived today.

Immediately it was out of the box to be set up. Suprised that it actually came with a 20 page user guide I decided to follow the instructions rather than ignoring them till something went wrong. For a change the instructions were clear and useful.

Letting go of the sides...

It's now a year since I first got a starter kit of Idratek parts and 7 months since we had the heating system overhauled with Idratek temperature sensor & relay modules at the heart, but till now I've been mainly using Reflex programming for operation rather than leaving a PC on to run Cortex. The reason for this is baulking at running a PC 24/7 and the power that will consume.

Current Cost

I've been meaning to do this for a few weeks, but I've just got round to ordering a Current Cost unit... Looking forward to having a play and then probably driving people nuts by knowing how many pence per year things cost to run!

SmugMug integration - there's an API

The other day, I stumbled upon a posting on Digital Grin Smugmug & Drupal?. Digital Grin is SmugMug's forum sister site where there's lots of SmugMug related hints, tips & requests.

The thread was old, originally from 2006, with someone posting that they'd been building some sort of SmugMug integration into Drupal. Unfortunately it seems that it only works on D4.x and certainly not with the current D6.x series - at least not without some hacking - just hacking the .info file gets it to list in Admin/Modules but that's about all.

Getting a refund from Bulldog / Pipex / Tiscalli ... dont hold you breath but do hold onto hope

I was a Bulldog (/Pipex) customer till June 2008 when I bailed out instead of getting the "benefit" of being moved to Pipex Homecall. After leaving their custom, they still billed me a full months billing. Though they promised to pay me the money back, it took in excess of 11 calls to the Pipex "help" desk (contradiction) over a 5 month period before I actually got my money back. Either they are complely stupid, dumb and incapable of organising even finding a brewery (let along the preverbial knees-up) or this was a clear & deliberate corporate policy to provarocate in the hope that people would have enough and not bother claiming their money back. So £20 obtained for services-not-supplied isn't much as a 1-off, but do it to 10000 people and you've got a nice improvement to the bottom line...

My point - don't ever consider using Pipex/Tiscalli unless you want to be ripped off and have a quality of service that would try a saint.

Photo website moved to

As a spin off from my web host migration, our photo website, previously at has moved to

The photos are still hosted by SmugMug.

Get your own SmugMug site and a $5 discount with my referrel code

Migration project

After several years with my previous webhost, I decided a while ago to move to a different host.

It seemed like a simple thing to do, but it's a suprisingly complicated task to move just 2 domains and 1 webhosting service from one provider to another.

I wanted to move the website contact as well, and seeing as the whole excercise required builing the new hosting environment it was also a good opportunity to upgrade the hosting software to the latest version/

So quite a bit to do. Not to mention doing my day job and then there's the twins !

A long time with no posting...!

Another long delay since the last post.

Reasons are many but it will remain list this for a few weeks while the site is moved & upgraded.

Useful mortgage overpayment calculator

Useful calculator for showing how much overpaying your mortgage can save:,2388,3_54988--View_1028,00.html

Excel Workbook for calculating repayments etc

The twins are here!

The twins were expected at the start of September ... or maybe early in mid/late August.

But they "turned up" even before the end of June ... Little Amelia and Bethany born in the early hours of 24th June 2008 at just 28 weeks.

Being so premature, they were immediately transferred to Chelsea & Westminster's Neonatal Intensive Care Unit where they have now been for almost 2 weeks so far.

Boris is the mayor?!

Oh dear. By 500k votes!

Oh well, I guess we'll just have to see.

Is this a good omen? : [Boris' sister] "He's never really failed -- he's had some spectacular catastrophies"