More Idratek... Playing with Reflexes

Whilst "Cortex" seems to be the main 'brain at the centre', one of the slightly different things about the idratek kit seems to be that all the modules are autonomous to a degree... ie they sit on the network and communicate with each other to a certain level.

As at the moment the only Windows machine I have is an old power-hungry & slow machine, I'm not keen to have it running 24/7 while I trial Idratek kit in a couple of rooms... Later on having a low-consumption (ie <20w) mini-itx machine wouldn't be a problem, but for now it's out of time, cost & therefore scope...

First steps with Idratek kit

The box arrived from Idratek exactly as promised .. quickly unboxed to find it all very neatly packaged.

The pack included the temperature sensor (DTS) and relay/button (DRB) modules, along with PSU, power bus module & RS232 interface module.

[i](photo showing a mounting board & pattress/backbox already waiting !)[/i]

New(ish) home... new things to try....

So, getting started on doing some decorating and changes on the new home means that it's also an opportunity to try something new...

Idratek "Intelligent Automation" hardware.

Re-starting Planner mySQL access

It's a year since I last did anything towards trying to get Planner to work with mySQL as the database backend in place of PostgreSQL. After getting it to work successfully it was too disheartening to find my source code lost in a drive crash (and without any backup).

A year on, the mySQL access is still not there so I'm trying to re-start - afterall, I did have it reading from & writing to mySQL (though the code was not very tidy) and I can remember (sort of) what I had to change to do it. So this is an opportunity to re-do it and hopefully better.

First things first though.

September Strawberries

The crazy weather looks to be causing the strawberries some confusion... there's usually a couple of funny-shaped strawberries later in the year but this year the entire strawberry pot is re-flowering & fruiting with nice shaped & good sized fruit like is June/July again.... Yummm


First tomatoes of 2007...

The first 1.5Kgs of 2007's tomatoes have been picked and are currently simmering away in a jar ready for keeping for the months ahead...


New site, software & look

After weeks of intention, I've finally deleted the old stuff from this site and installed drupal 5. The pages here will contain various things including ramblings on new open-source finds, stuff that's growing and anything else that seems worth posting. For the moment though, it's just this page. In the meantime, check out the old site at