Vista: What were they thinking ?

Until now, a vista laptop was to me, similar to the attitude I had to kids till last year (when our twins were born):
- Something that seems OK for a few minutes, but thank the lord I can give it back to its owner

But now I've got a new laptop and it's got Vista on it. Aagh.

Vista, by default, asks before running anything that might use the network or reconfigure the system. So for me, that's pretty much every time I touch the damn thing (this 'feature' was turned off pretty quickly).

Now I'm trying to get the built-in microphone working... But the closest I can get is the damn thing 'helping' me by asking what type of microphone it is. What do I care. There is only 1 and it's built into the damn machine.

Now wonder people want to keep using XP will Win7 arrives...