Updated photos

Since the girls were born in 2008, we've inevitably taken loads & loads more photos (it's true, newborns & small children are the most photographed things on Earth). All this photo-taking meant our hard disc I used for keeping them on got full, and for one reason & another upgrading it was going to be a bigger job than just buying a new one and plugging in. So it got put off.. and for about a year we were only downloading photos off the camera when it was full and putting them on one laptop or another.

And not uploading any to the smugmug gallery either.

So finally I've got things sorted, imported the several hundred new photos taken last year and updated the selection on the twin's gallery.

Although my new photo store still has 60% free (and more capacity unallocated) since we got a 15MP 500D DSLR in January, the images sizes we're taking now are even bigger so I'll probably be upgrading the storage again by the end of the year!