Its been a while but for a strange set of reasons I'm off travelling this week.  Some random and useless statistics have occurred to me:
  • This will be the first time I've been on a plane for almost a year (a while back, 11 days was a long time)
  • This will be the furthest I've been away since the girls were born in June 2008 (yes, further away than I was when they were born
  • ... and the longest trip too (4 days / 5 nights)
  • Its to a country I've never been to before (oooh thrill!!)
  • And an airline I've never flown on before either (so lets see if they are any good)
  • The last time I flew out of T4 it was still 'all BA' and in bad need of a refurb, seems a but smarter, though surprisingly quiet considering this is almost peak season
  • It's the first time I've flown on a business trip to another country -- but NOT expected to meet up with any colleagues from my own company (though hope will meet with a former colleague)
Anyway, time to grab a bottle of overpriced water then head off to the gate.  14 hrs without internet or phone..... fantastic.  Just need to hope no kids in the bulkhead seats in front of me, and that my noise cancelers still work !