Too much to do, too little time. 2013 edition...

Got a Sonos (it's great)... now I need to re-rip all my MP3s at a decent (lossless) quality. I could do all 200+ CDs manually or build a workflow -- so when I want to tweak-the-tags or change-the-bit-rate I dont have to rinse-and-repeat => Add a media asset manager/workflow to my "to do list"

Cortex is now getting regular external temperature readings from the temp sensor / nanode chain of components, but now I need to add the additional outputs (heaters) for when the external temp is very low (when the insulation just doesn't do a good job) => add wiring up a couple of 'relay' units & adding them to Cortex to my "to do list"

Got another Samy TV with steaming ability - now I can get all my last 2-3 yrs of photos & a few videos easily viewable. Plus a few bit of clips of the girls when they were babies etc,. Played with Plex, it seems good. Now to make it easy to use / integrate with the NAS => adding Plex to my "list"; Adding Plex integration to the workflow "to do"

I should actually get the last 2 years of photos OFF the camera onto the NAS => Add to "to do list"

With so much on the NAS, I really must get the backups REALLY working well => "to do list"

Moving my existing S3 backups to Glacier (incentive: backups + beer for the same money as just backups now) => yup, "that" list

Not to mention, work, kids, life.........

Too much to do, not enough time... 2013's going to be like 2012 just with even more stuff to do