I am getting swamped in Thinkpads but the only one that's any good has got to go back :-(

R51 - Older spec chugger
For a few months I've had an old IBM R51 for testing. It's a bit of a chugging old brick, with a 1.6Ghz Celeron & only 1/2 gig of memory, but more to the point, unfortunately, it's only got an A/B/G WLAN card in it.

T42 - Nicer but broken
In persuit of getting something I could use for doing some WiFi 802.11N testing, I had a spare T42 sent by a colleague. It's a much nicer laptop - faster, slimmer, better screen etc,. only problem was, when it turned up it just wouldn't power up. On closer examination, it was missing most of it's case screws and the hard drive was loose. A couple of weeks later I've had time to look a bit further - and found the WLAN card is missing and the loose hard drive is actually damaged. I'd guess the previous user returned it with a certain level of animosity. I've searched ebay and am watching some spares in case I can resuscitate it.

T43 - Much nicer, it works, but I can't keep it
Meanwhile I've borrowed a T43. Like the T42, but better, and working.
Only issue -- It's on loan and I have to return it sometime...

R51 - Number 2
Finally, another R51 from the same colleague that had the T42 in store. This one works, though of course it's the same older spec as the first R51....

A month ago I'd never even thought about different IBM Laptops, much less opened one up, as I have now some of the above.