New raised planter

Two years ago we (with help of many friends) replaced the deck at the back of house. The old one was beginning to rot and even the patches of hardboard or ply over the more rotten bits were starting to break up. So over the weekend a new deck was built (see here The design left a narrow unused strip down one side of the new deck.

That was two years ago. As soon as the new deck was done, the initial design was drawn, but then the arrival of the girls meant it went on hold. One year ago all the parts were ordered. Then events overtook and the parts were stashed in corners around the garden.

Finally this spring I got on and built it over a few weekends. The original design & measurements turned out to be pretty much bang-on (amazingly) and the hardest part was hacking out some concrete mix that had oozed under the fence when next door's patio was laid, preventing the planter for seating snuggly against the fence.

By mid-May, it was finally finished and filled with several hundred litres of mulch, soil & compost.
And finally some plants - the usual crowded mix of strawberries, peppers, tomatoes & courgettes, with a space for herbs (in place but currently still in pots).

Final step still to be done is a cover for one area so that the herbs can 'overwinter', but that can wait a while (hopefully not two years though).