Late night Blue-light upgrade - the longest Sunday

During Sunday evening on the ward the staff concluded that Amelia's condition was not improving & she was still struggling with every breath.

The next step was to put her on a ventillator so thankfully the grandparents dropped everything and came down to take care of Bethany so we could both stay with Amelia at the hospital.

It was decided at around 10pm to go down the ventilator route. This also meant that she would have to be moved to an intensive care ward and to another hospital as Ealing doesnt have the facilities to maintain peadiatric patients on ventillators.

At 11pm she was wheeled down to Theatre for the procudure, with a special ambulance team arriving about 30 minutes later whilst we waited to hear which hospital (and how far away) Amelia would be transferred to.

At half-past midnight we were told she was off to Great Ormand Street. This was a huge relief as it has to be better than any of the alternative regional hospitals.

At 1:30am we all left Ealing in the Ambulance with Amelia sedated, paralysed and on the ventilator and lots of other machines. Poor thing - they'd had to put in various lines for the journey and these never last long with her.

After a very quick blue-light run through the deserted streets to central London we arrived around 2am and Amelia was transferred to the care of the hospital staff.

Around 3:15am we were able to go on to the intensive care ward to see her and to discuss her condition with her nurse & the on-duty doctor.

At 3:45am we left her bedside (me to go home to feed Bethany @ 6am, Lins to stay in some hastily-arranged hospital accomodation), both happy in the knowledge that she was in the right place for the best treatment and at least whilst sedated on the ventilator she could not be fighting the treatment that the staff were giving her nor could she be scared by the surroundings and procedures.

We're not sure where Sunday became Monday ... it all seemed to roll into one from our decision at 10am to take her to Paediatric Emergency to the Ward, to Theatre and then to Great Ormand Street.....