I want a weekend

Such a long time since I posted *anything* on here. It's currently nearing the end of day 10 of last week. Okay, a bit of weekend working is sort-of expected occasionally and not a real problem, but 20 hours on Saturday & Sunday (forgetting a late night on Friday) is on the excessive side. Just to make it work, a lot of that time was spent sitting in a dusty-building-dust-ridden basement or the more comfortable (but still lacking daylight) corridor of the hotel above the basement.

On the positive side, the training scheduled for this week (of which I had to miss day #1 of 2 to return to the above basement) went ahead. And finished with candidates sitting an exam hosted on blueellipse.com . The hosting held up well - a shame the linksys (!!!) router being used for the candidate's internet access decided to reboot a couple of times mid-way through the exam....

Wednesday evening, back home, glass of wine... A few hours at home on Thursday morning to see if the girls remember who the heck I am after 6 days of not being here at their bedtime.