HP Microserver - who needs a NAS?

A few weeks on from getting the HP Microserver and it's working out even better than expected!

I mean, with the current long-lasting cashback this has a net cost of around £140. For that price you can get a reasonable (Netgear) NAS. For a little less, you get no actual drives in it. For a little more, you get 1Tb. Bang in the middle is the HP with 250Gb and 3 spare bays for more drives. Official bays. And more space for more drives....!

Despite being the cost of NAS, it's so much more --- as I'm finding.

Currently I have it configured as:

VM#1: Windows: Running the Idratek Cortex app to manage heating. Pretty much nothing else. Currently Win2003, but intended to move to W2k8 during the autumn
VM#2: FreeNAS: A surprising entrant - After years of using a linux install as a NAS, this is almost a NAS device. Running as a NAS (obviously) and so pretty much the core.
VM#3: FreeBSD: Whilst this a migration from the old server, even a couple of years ago I'd have expected this would be a linux box, not some "odd unix variant".. Doing DHCP/DNS and serving NAS assets to the Roku Soundbridge mp3 player. Will do more too.

Happily there is still bags of capacity to run more as well.

So for the money, I've got a NAS *and* the ability to run a lot of other stuff. And all for 35w consumption.

Can I find an excuse to buy another?