Further switch to Cortex heating management

After running the top floor heating fully controlled by Cortex for about a week , I've now switched over our first floor (2 bedrooms - incl home-office - and bathroom).

This means that now only the ground floor is under timer control and also sorts out the (deliberate & temporary) mismatch in the system implementation where the middle/1st floor was controlled on the upper floor timer setting yet the zone valve was ultimately controlled by the ground floor temperature module.

Since the boiler install last year, the first floor zone valve was being set according to the temperature module on the ground floor because at the time I didn't have enough temperature modules. But since I got a PTS (temperature + PIR) module a few weeks ago I've installed that in the top floor and freed up the old DTS.

So this is now in the nursery, currently just "slung" on the floor in a standard backbox with the Idranet connection via the nearest cat5 outlet. This "temporary" installation will enable me to work out the best place to put the sensor before making any holes in the wall.

As the nursery is only used at the moment as a nappy changing room, the unoccupied set-point is quite cold. As there is no presence sensing on this module (and no other presence sensing modules on the first floor), I needed a way to trigger the heating when I was using the other bedroom on this floor as an office. For this, I've simply put my spare DRB at the back of the desk and again connected this to Idranet via the nearest cat5 outlet. A little bit of Cortex modification and button #1 on the DRB triggers a presence override on the first floor HVAC.