CurrentCost Envi

Way back in 2008 I bought a CurrentCost monitor. Ever since, it's sat and told us how much lecky was being consumed. At the time I said it was behaviour modifying and it certainly was... things didn't get used (or used less) or turned off more (instead of standby) ever since. But sometime around the end of August it seemed to just. Stop. The display was fine but there was no signal from the sensor and it definately wasn't because we were not using any electricity. No amount of new batteries, attempting re-pairing etc etc seemed to revive it.

I looked on ebay and found I could get a new (or replacement) sensor. Or few a little bit more I could get a whole new unit (the newer Envi) that supported meter pulse output instead of the clip-around-the-cable sensor (seemingly as close to an actual reliable exact reading as the meter companies will allow the 3rd party device to get).

One quick purchase later and it's working great.

The displayed info is pretty like the original unit though the clock actually keeps good time (on the classic the clock was pretty bad at keeping time - always being so slow that in just a few weeks it would be 20 minutes out...)

The "OptiSmart" sensor fitted over our newish "smart meter" fine and blinks regularly confirming it's sending to the display unit. It seems to be pretty accurate too -- the only difference between the output on the L+G display that came with the meter and the Envi is that the Envi displays and extra digit (i.e right now: 423 watts ) whereas the L+G display insists on displaying in kW with only 2 decimal places (i.e right now: 0.42 kW). Maybe this indicates that L+G and the energy supplier customers expect people to be using 10x the amount we are....

So, now we've got the the display with the electricity meter, why did I even bother getting the new CurrentCost? Simple -- the CurrentCost is known for having a data output allowing the power consumed by the house to actually be stored / used / displayed / compared etc by the consumer. themselves. without being beholden to the miserably simple information the energy companies make available on their websites. So... next task, getting the data out...