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Winter garlic

Folk-lore says garlic should be planted on the shortest day and harvested on the longest day - which is the twenty-first of December and June respectively. But really, anything from November onwards seems to work. But that relies on being organised enough to have your garlic ordered and delivered (or bought in a shop/garden centre) in time. This season I failed on this and only got my garlic in mid December. Then found preparation for Christmas scupered the chance to get a spot ready to plant it.

So, here I am, planting my garlic as the first task of the new year.

Dynamic parallax in custom content type (draft)

So far, my parallax experimentation has been using first custom blocks and then the basic Article content type, and using the front-page Teaser view mode as the parallax

But then I realised I wanted the parallaxed content to be able to promote different things - from blogs to articles, categories, entire sections or maybe even external (related) websites.  So I thought to create a "promotional" content type - a title, picture, description and a target URL or node when selected.

This threw up a few new challenges...



Using Composer to build Drupal (draft)

I've been "playing with" (using - but not in a work sense) Drupal on-and-off for over 12+ years. I've installed it many many times and played with the various commonly used modules, but rarely doing much with it. Aspirations, mainly. Drupal 6 was probably the version if got most used to (and, as of December 2018, still have a tiny long-standing site still running it). Since 2014 I've managed a Drupal 7 site which was an evolution, but managed much the same way -- uploading files from the release zip to the hosting provider, trying to remember any library dependancies.


Migrating UniFi controller from one FreeNAS Jail to another

Part of my FreeNAS migration that I decided to ignore for a while was the need to move the controller for my UniFi AP from its old warden-based jail to a new iocage jail. Like many things on my old FreeNAS, the existing implementation was first-time, my first Jail, and first install of the UniFi controller (and, on an FreeBSD, an OS unsupported by Unibiquti).  In other words, I had little recollection of how did it before, which was probably a slightly fragile combination of numerous suggestions from across the internet.....!

Start by creating the basic jail:


Drupal media handling in 8.6...

Something that's held me off upgrading the allotment website from Drupal 7 to Drupal 8 has been the media handling capabilities. Whilst Drupal 7, out of the box, didn't have good media handling -- and by media, I'm mostly meaning images -- with a number of modules I'd created something that "mostly worked" albeit with a slightly awkward workflow.